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Injection Fuel Sensor Deutz & New Holland

£90.00. Inc. VAT

Ford New HollandTM Series
TM120, TM130, TM140, TM155, TM175, TM190
T9000 Series
T9030, T9040, T9050
T5 Series
T5.100 Electro Command, T5.105, T5.105 Electro Command, T5.110 Electro Command, T5.115, T5.115 Electro Command, T5.95, T5.95 Electro Command
T4 Series
T4.105, T4.115, T4.55, T4.65, T4.75, T4.80
T8 Series
T8.275, T8.300, T8.330, T8.360, T8.390, T8.410, T8.420
TJ Series
TJ 380, TJ 430
T9 Series
T9.390, T9.435, T9.450, T9.480, T9.505, T9.530, T9.560, T9.565, T9.600, T9.615, T9.645, T9.670, T9.700
TD5 Series
TD5.105, TD5.115, TD5.85, TD5.95

Agrotron 6160.4
Agrofarm 100, Agrofarm 100 Ecoline, Agrofarm 85, Agrofarm 85 Ecoline
Agrotron New
Agrotron New 120, Agrotron New 130, Agrotron New 150, Agrotron New 150.7, Agrotron New 165.7, Agrotron New 265
Agrotron M
Agrotron M410, Agrotron M410 Profiline, Agrotron M420, Agrotron M420 Profiline, Agrotron M600, Agrotron M610, Agrotron M610 Profiline, Agrotron M615, Agrotron M615 Profiline, Agrotron M620, Agrotron M620 Profiline, Agrotron M625, Agrotron M625 Profiline, Agrotron M640, Agrotron M640 Profiline, Agrotron M650, Agrotron M650 Profiline
Agrotron Profiline
Agrotron 120, Agrotron 130, Agrotron 150, Agrotron 150.7, Agrotron 165.7, Agrotron 180.7
Agrofarm COM3
Agrofarm 410, Agrofarm 420, Agrofarm 420 Profiline, Agrofarm 420 TTV, Agrofarm 430, Agrofarm 430 Profiline, Agrofarm 430 TTV
Agrofarm T-TB COM3
Agrofarm 410T, Agrofarm 410TB, Agrofarm 420T, Agrofarm 420TB
Agrotron K
K100, K100 Profiline, K110, K110 Profiline, K120, K120 Profiline, K90, K90 Profiline
Agrotron K COM3
K410, K420, K420 Profiline, K430, K430 Profiline, K610, K610 Profiline
Agrotron X
Agrotron X710, Agrotron X720
Agrovitis 175, Agrovitis 200
Agrotron L
Agrotron L710, Agrotron L720, Agrotron L730
5 Series
5100, 5100P, 5110, 5110P, 5120P
Agrotron TTV COM3
Agrotron TTV 410, Agrotron TTV 420, Agrotron TTV 430, Agrotron TTV 610, Agrotron TTV 620, Agrotron TTV 630
6 Agrotron
Agrotron 6150, Agrotron 6150.4, Agrotron 6150.4P, Agrotron 6150P, Agrotron 6160, Agrotron 6160.4P, Agrotron 6180, Agrotron 6180P, Agrotron 6190, Agrotron 6190P
Agrotron TTV 7210, Agrotron TTV 7230, Agrotron TTV 7250

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  • Model: 54559
  • Manufactured by: QTP

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